Other Web 2.0 applications and tools

There are many free web tools that can be very useful in the English classroom. Among them we will choose the following two because they are simple to use and the results can be hosted on the Web for free, too.

1. Web Poster Wizard is a tool that has been on the Web for many years now, but it is still very useful, especially for the teachers to produce simple activities with some text and links. Have a look at many examples on this page
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"This FREE tool allows educators to create a lesson, worksheet, or class page and immediately publish it online. Teachers can also set up classes and assign projects to students. Students complete the assignments by creating their own online projects or reports. Teachers and students can even add images and links to their pages. " (

2. The second tool we have chosen is a very recent one: Glogster.

It is more attractive for the pupils, useful to create their posters and presentations.
Have a look at some examples. And Examples 2, Examples 3


3. Many other tools and applications

among which we can outstand: