Teachers and students can also produce videos. Teachers normally do it to give explanations and instructions.

But we can also ask pupils to do in order to practise speaking and interact with others.

How to start, make and edit videos

A good site to start and learn what to do is this school of video at Vimeo site


We can also ask pupils to use programs that record what is on the computer screen and talk about pictures, or about anything they show on the screen while the talk.
Jing is one of the best programs to do that, it is free and can be downloaded and use

Click on the link to see how it works


This video comes from the following site where you will also find many examples on how to use video to teach Engllish and how to use Jing software
Free ICT Technology help videos for teachers

Other site of interests:

http://dotsub.com/ to subtitle videos
http://corp.eyejot.com/ to create and host videos